How to Build a Stellar Resume for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate ResumeWhen you think of marketing, you likely focus on what a prospective client sees when you promote both listed properties and your reality services. However, an important marketing strategy that is oftentimes overlooked—or underprepared—is a resume.

Whether you’re a novice looking to get your foot in the door and advance your career, or an industry veteran looking to change things up, your real estate resume is a tool that helps you promote yourself to both brokerages and prospective clients.

Your skills, details, and passion should be evident to the person reviewing your resume, leaving them with an impactful first impression. Now that you know the why, let’s get into how.

The Physical Presentation
To ensure your resume gets reviewed, it’s important to it keep strong by presenting the information in an organized and readable fashion. Care for the preparation of your real estate resume the way you would a property you’re selling. If your resume is untidy, it gives an impression that you may be sloppy, haphazard, and careless with your work—an immediate strike in the real estate industry.

Choose a crisp, sturdy paper for your resume. Xpressdocs offers various paper and coating types, including soft-touch, matte, and high-gloss UV. You have the option to upload your resume on one of our available flyer templates, giving it that extra “wow factor” when it lands in a potential employer’s hands.

Regarding the content of your resume, remember, the goal is to sell yourself and use your marketing skills to bring forth your very best attributes.

What to Include if You’re New
If you have only recently acquired your real estate license, your resume should showcase both your training and a dedication to learning and growing in the industry. List any positions you may have had which demonstrate your marketing or sales talents. Emphasize your technology skills, relationship-building skills, and any increase in profits you have contributed to.

Although you have just attained your license, many brokerages are willing to take a chance on an agent who demonstrates a willingness to learn and an ability to work both with people and independently.

Tell Your Real Estate Career Story
If you’ve been in the industry for a bit, your resume should tell the story of your career. Address how long you’ve been in the business, and make it clear whether you have a specialty focus, or if you’ve explored multiple avenues.

Demonstrate your sales skills by showing solid numbers: increases in profits, generated leads, maintained client relationships, and any other pertinent results you achieved. You are in the real estate business, and hard numbers stand out. If you closed an average of 15, 20, or 30 deals per year, then clearly state it in your resume. Address what you can do to increase commissions and business growth.

Additionally, include any relevant hobbies, organizations, or charities you are involved with. These details will demonstrate your leadership and networking abilities.

Looking Good On Paper—And Off
Whether you’re buying and selling properties, or hunting for the next step in your real estate career, closing the deal is the ultimate goal for an agent. In order to do this, honing your communication and negotiation abilities will prove invaluable, as will maintaining a reputation of honesty, accommodating others, and creativity.

Taking the time to keep your skillset sharp, and knowledge fresh, can make a difference in the meaningful conversations you’ll need to have when advancing your career. Make it evident to your potential brokerage that you are thoroughly involved with industry trends and have familiarity with both up-to-date local and Federal regulations, with regard to real estate.

In addition to all of that, it is imperative that you demonstrate your digital expertise. A serious agent must know how to generate leads through social media and effective online marketing campaigns. The maintenance and growth of your social media following is a great way to build trust and demonstrate industry expertise to clients and employers alike. Displaying an established digital presence, and an ability to generate leads through social media, is something to showcase on your resume.

Whether you’ve just launched your social media accounts, or have been using them for years, you can consolidate your social media marketing efforts with Social HQ. Social HQ allows you to manage your networks from a single location, and gives you the ability to schedule future posts for optimal times, leverage industry content from a robust library generated for you, and receive insightful analytics so you can see what activity is eliciting the highest engagement from your followers.

Your Resume Should Always Be Growing
Your resume doesn’t end at with a piece of paper. As real estate agent, the content that makes up your resume will always be growing—a fact that needs to be reflected on your professional resume and your word-of-mouth resume. One way to share your growing list of accomplishments and successes is through personal brand marketing. As you sell properties, or earn new certifications, consider sending a postcard out to your sphere of contacts, and sharing the information through your regular social media and email marketing activities.

Real estate agents influence people’s lives and family’s futures. A really stellar resume (in all forms and fashions) is an accurate reflection of you. It should demonstrate your dedication to your chosen profession and your willingness to go the extra mile.

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