6 Tips to Generate Your First Real Estate Listing

Real Estate Lead Generation, Real Estate ListingAre you a new realtor who is ready to sell but is still seeking that initial real estate listing? The first step in launching a successful real estate career is generating quality listings. While some new agents are lucky to quickly generate real estate leads and secure a listing, plenty of qualified professionals need to put a little more effort into their search before that first lucrative opportunity hits.

Are you anxious to kick off your real estate career and need some tips on where to start? Here are a few ideas and a little advice to guide the way.

Develop a Plan of Action
Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” The ability to visualize your goals, write them down and then create a manageable, step-by-step plan of action will greatly enhance your chances of quickly securing your initial listing. It cannot be overstated that people who write down their goals are more successful than those who merely think or talk about them. This holds true for real estate agents, too! Remember to be specific when you write down your goals. There’s a difference between dreamers and doers. Turning thoughts and dreams into concrete goals on paper will help you focus your efforts and energy on the formidable task in front of you. Planning will yield solid rewards as you kick off your real estate career.

Commit Yourself to Generating Leads
Before you obtain your first real estate listing, you’ll need to generate leads—lots of leads. It’s that simple. The nitty-gritty groundwork of sales is networking and ongoing real estate lead generation. If you’re not willing to do that, you may find you’re in the wrong line of work, or you may want to consider joining an agency that provides you with qualified leads. As a new agent, you’ll need to commit yourself, body and soul, to becoming a lean, mean, lead-generating machine. Especially in the beginning of your career, you’ve got to train yourself to do whatever it takes to be successful at finding qualified leads. This means reaching out in every way, shape and form to literally everyone you know—friends, relatives, co-workers, former school mates. Send out emails, work the phones, mail a postcard announcement. You’ve got to get the word out that you are new in real estate and eager to work hard for your clients. Yes, it’s tough in the beginning because it’s a catch 22. Everyone wants to hire a successful, experienced agent. But how do you get experience if no one will hire you? Answer: hard work and unbridled enthusiasm can overcome just about any obstacle.

Focus on a Target Market
The Bravo TV show, Million Dollar Listing is fun to watch, and it will inspire you to dream big. However, when it comes to focusing on your first real estate listing, here’s some great advice—be realistic. Create a list of all the people who are in your circle of friends and relatives and those people who might possibly become clients. What are the common factors amongst them? Is there a demographic theme? Can you identify a particular type of person you feel you can relate to on a real estate sales basis? Now get out a map and circle the geographic areas you are most familiar with. Are you living in the city where you were born? Did you recently move to a city you’ve always dreamed of living in? Are you an urban dweller in love with the city streets or a happy child of the suburbs? Are you committed to helping people find homes in an area that’s being restored? Do you want to only sell brand new homes? These are all questions you’ll have to answer for yourself. Out of this matrix should emerge a prototypical “ideal” client. Once you are clear on who you’d most like to target, then you can build a profile of the type of person you are trying to reach and the best way to get your message to them.

Embrace Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is the great equalizer. You may not have tens of thousands of dollars for ad campaigns in luxury shelter magazines, but your ability to utilize social media, direct mail and web-based marketing initiatives is limited only by your imagination. If you’re not familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets, then by all means, sign up for a workshop today and get familiar with this cost-effective way to reach your target market! Creating a dedicated professional Facebook account devoted solely to your real estate business is a great idea. Instagram is the perfect medium for real estate—say it with pictures! If you’re not a great photographer, then hire one. Become an expert on some aspect of real estate and start blogging about it.

Consider Partnerships
Real estate isn’t a solo activity. It takes many individuals to generate one sale. So, it’s good to get into an early habit of making connections with those who may be in contact with potential buyers and sellers. Start with businesses that are logical to network with, such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, title companies, lenders, appraisers, and insurance agents. Also, think out of the box with businesses like hair salons, funeral homes, retirement homes, and managers of estate sales.

Don’t Get Discouraged
One of the greatest home-run hitters of all time was also the most prolific strikeout king. Babe Ruth hit a ton of home-runs in his lifetime, but did you know that he also had more strikeouts than any other major leaguer of his day? In baseball, if you connect with the ball and get a hit three out of 10 times, you’re considered a star. But the numbers in real estate are much more challenging. The best agents may only score one listing out of dozens of leads. You have to be willing to hear “No” many times before you’ll get to a “Yes.” Yet, when you do hit it out of the park, it makes it all worthwhile. The difference between being a successful real estate agent or failing boils down to the attitude you bring to the game every time you get up to the plate. Don’t be discouraged. Project confidence even if you’ve had a series of strikeouts. With hard work and perseverance, your real estate career will flourish.

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