Why Some People Are Ignoring Your Marketing Emails

When you send a marketing email, do you assume most of the people who receive it will open it? Big mistake.

Most novice marketers don’t realize it, but you need to entice recipients into opening a marketing email. Most newbies mistakenly focus all their energy on the words and photos in the text of the email but pay little attention to one of the real keys to success: the subject line.

How-to-improve-your-emailsIf you want to experience more of what email marketing experts call “opens,” you have to be creative (and smart) with your email subject lines.

Make them interesting

Think of your subject line as an advertising headline. It’s got to grab the recipient’s attention and make that person want to open and read the email. Examples include:

  • How to sell your house when no one is buying.
  • An 8-week plan to finding your dream home.

Offer something of value

A good way to get people to open your emails is to offer them something of value (and highlight the offer in your email subject line). Subject-line examples include:

  • Considering selling? Get a free home analysis.
  • Earn $100 just for referring a friend.

Keep them short

Your subject line should be no longer than 50 characters. Forty is even better. That allows the recipient to easily read the whole subject line without actually opening the email.

Include the recipient’s name

Studies show that when you include the recipient’s name in the subject line, the person is more likely to open and read the email.

Combine forces with the pre-header

The pre-header is the first bit of text used in your email (typically at the very top of the email). Because the pre-header and your subject line will both be visible to the recipient before they decide to actually open the email, think about how each could best support the other.

For example, if your subject line is, “Earn $100 just for referring a friend,” make sure your preheader creates some excitement about the offer.

Don’t play tricks

Featuring the word “Free” in your subject line (when there’s nothing of real value being offered at no charge), and using other underhanded marketing tricks is not a good way to establish a relationship with a prospect. Sure, you’ll have some success at getting recipients to open your emails, but once they realize they’ve been duped, most won’t open another email from you – and many may report you as a spammer.

The next step: beyond the subject line

Once you get the recipient to open your email, then you can wow her with your message. In next month’s eNews, we’ll be sharing some innovative ideas that show how to do exactly that.

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