real-estate-plan-defining-your-messageAfter you determine your audience, the next step in creating a real estate marketing plan is defining the messages of your marketing campaigns.  Now that you have identified the target market(s), defining the message becomes easier as you will have an idea of what appeals to the desired demographics and what messages will make your target audience more likely to respond.

Focus on Products and Service

The most important thing your real estate marketing campaigns should deliver is a focus on the products and services your agency offers.  Although the average consumer may not realize it, real estate agencies offer many benefits beyond simply selling or renting homes, condominiums, and apartments.  Real estate agents are often fountains of knowledge about the area they serve and can answer a wide variety of questions for consumers.  Make sure all of your real estate marketing campaigns, includes information on other services offered by the agency, such as relocation assistance, information about the area, maps or other non-sales-related items in order to generate attention from your target audience.

Be Clear and Concise

The advertising message associated with any real estate marketing campaign should be clear and concise.  For example, if your target audience is military families, focus on the products and services that would appeal to those in transition, such as relocation services or information about the area.  For instance, your real estate marketing strategies would focus more on how you can help new families moving in or families being transferred to other bases.

Offers and Incentives

To ensure the message of your real estate marketing campaign makes an impact, include offers or incentives to entice consumers to visit your agency.  In keeping with the message to military families, offer discount coupons to local stores to help them purchase items they may need related to the move, or include a free relocation kit for those who are transferring out.

The most important part of defining the message of your real estate marketing campaigns is to be consistent, concise and clear with what you can offer your target audience. Stay tuned for the next blog in our Real Estate Marketing Plan series, “Selecting the Right Communication Channels” or view the entire series, Develop a Real Estate Marketing Plan. Visit our website for our direct marketing tools and resources at