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Blog Tips for Business

Blog Tips for Business

Once you establish a business blog, your readers are going to expect to find something new there on a regular basis (posting new content once or twice a week is typical). Whether you’re just starting out, or a long-time blogger, these six ideas should keep the content flowing for some time:

Create a list

Web-based lists are enormously popular, because they make it so much easier for Internet surfers to quickly narrow their choices and find what they want. Create a list of recommendations, attach descriptions to each item, then think of an intriguing title, like: “Best Places to Live in Albuquerque” or “The 10 Tools Every New Homeowner Needs.”

Ask a question

Your blog readers don’t want to simply be talked-at, they want to be listened-to, as well. That’s what makes asking questions such a good idea. While you should always try to add a question at the end of most blog posts (to encourage dialogue), in this situation, we’re talking about making the entire posting a question.

Answer a question

Answering readers’ questions on your blog shows you’re responsive, customer-focused and knowledgeable. Even better, everyone can learn from your responses. If you have a large online following, ask your readers to send questions. If not, try to imagine the kinds of questions they might ask (and ask them yourself). You can also use questions asked of you off-line, or re-post questions and answers found on other websites (with your own comments added).

Review something

Your professional opinion of a book, a product or service, a website, another blog, a store, a neighborhood – or anything else related to your business – is something readers will value. Plus, the insights will reaffirm your status as an industry expert.

Blog about an event

The next time you attend an industry conference, an association meeting, or any other work-related extracurricular activity, consider blogging about it. If it’s a multi-day event, you could blog the highlights on a daily basis. Your summaries will not only be of interest to your target market, but may also attract the attention of the media, industry-insiders and other allies.

Let someone else post

Consider turning your blog over to a guest contributor every once in a while (for a single post, or a week of postings). No matter how knowledgeable and engaging you are, your readers will appreciate the new perspectives, voice and insights.

Whatever you decide to blog about, just make sure to keep the posts business-related. While your blog should certainly shine with personality, the content has to remain industry-related or you run the risk of losing credibility in the eyes of readers. Next month, we’ll return with six more ideas.