Breathe New Life into Your Blog Real Estate Blog Ideas
– Part 2

Real Estate Blog Ideas

Real Estate Blog Ideas

If you’re a blogger – or about to become one – you’re biggest challenge is probably thinking of something new to write about. Leave it to your friends at Xpressdocs to help. Last month, we provided six great blogging ideas, and this month, we’re back with six more.

Link to something

Most of us don’t have to spend more than a few minutes on the Internet before stumbling across something of interest (something that would most likely also interest your blog readers). Sharing these finds is an easy way to fill your blog with valuable content you don’t have to lift a finger to create. Simply include a link to the content, and add your own comments.

Do a series of posts about a single topic

Why limit an interesting blog topic to just one posting? Instead, consider using a series of posts to investigate the issue from a number of different angles. This approach can also increase the amount of traffic to your blog, because people will keep checking back for the next installment.

Suggest an idea

Ideas that can save your readers money or help them do things faster / better are always welcome blog fodder. Plus, you’ll find these suggestions usually elicit lots of comments from your readers, who want to offer suggestions and tips of their own (the kind of two-way dialogue blog readers love).

Create a case study

A case study is a short story showing how your product / service benefited a real customer. Prospects love case studies because they’re usually devoid of sales hype – which makes them perfect for a no-bull business blog. For an excellent example, see this posting on the Build LLC blog.

Revisit a past posting

Time changes everything, which is why it’s always a good idea to occasionally revisit a blog posting from the past and weigh in with any new opinions and perspectives, updates, news, insights and more.

Interview another industry expert

Start posting interviews with other industry experts, and readers will begin to perceive your business as bigger, more networked and more credible than ever. Finding interviewees usually isn’t a problem: Most people are flattered to be asked for an interview – and get a rush out of seeing their wisdoms in print (your blog). Even better, if the people you choose for these interviews have loyal followings of their own, some of their fans could also become admirers of you (and your blog).

Of course, your blog readers don’t expect you to write something deep and insightful every day, but they will start to tune out if you just keep rehashing the same old stuff. To keep them engaged and returning for more, make the most of the ideas above.