Social media is the hottest new trend among advertisers and many have wondered if this “free” advertising is going to replace traditional forms of advertising, such as a direct mail, one of the most common real estate agent marketing tools.  Although it is true that there is no cost associated with setting up a social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, there are problems with the genre that can actually cause your message to be lost.  However, by incorporating social media with direct mail, there are ways you not only can improve your customer base, but reach twice the potential customers you would by using only one method of advertising.

Social Media

Direct Marketing AdvertisingOften companies turn to social media with the notion that it is “free” advertising.  Although setting up a site is free on most social media networks, the time it takes for updating, posting and maintaining a social media presence is not free.  In addition, posts only remain at the top of a user’s page for a short period of time before another takes its place, making it easy for your message to get lost throughout the day.  However, social media can be quite effective when it comes to promoting events or showcasing employees in an effort to give a more human feel to your company.

Direct Mail

The biggest drawback to direct mail has always been the expense.  Between printing, labeling, and postage, the costs can run fairly high.  However, the longevity of direct mail is far better than social media, as the recipient must get the mail piece out of the mailbox, carry it inside and sort through it before determining what to do with it.  In fact, in many households, a postcard might lie on a table for a week before catching someone’s attention, while it would be nearly impossible to locate a Facebook post from a week ago.  Recent surveys indicate that people prefer receiving offers via postal mail rather than electronic mail, which makes direct mail even more enticing.

Combining Direct Mail and Social Media

One way to ensure that direct mail and social media can coexist is by incorporating social media icons into your direct mail campaign.  Directing customers to a Facebook page where they can enter to win prizes or can find special events that are available to only Facebook friends is easily done using direct mail pieces with the pertinent information included.  By sending the direct mail to a few select customers rather than to all customers can also help promote your social media presence.

Direct mail and social media are actually designed to work well together if done properly and this guarantees that both will be around for a very long time.  For more information regarding direct mail and social media, visit

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