Marketing MixIntegrated marketing uses different marketing methods, including direct mail, online profiles and other marketing methods in order to deliver an advertising message to potential consumers.  The goal of integrated marketing is to reach a wider audience since people tend to view advertising in different ways.  Some consumers prefer learning about products through email or social media, while others prefer product inserts or direct mail.  By integrating a campaign, you are able to develop a better marketing mix and reach more potential customers.  There are many ideas and examples about how to integrate real estate agent marketing tools.

Obtain Demographic Data

One benefit to a good marketing mix is that companies are able to obtain consumer demographics more quickly by using non-traditional methods as part of an advertising campaign.  In a campaign developed between MTVU, a music network designed for college students, and Ford, used online games and communities as well as blogs and television advertising in an effort to build a marketing mix that would collect demographics about the automotive preferences of college aged students.  In order to play one of the 4 games offered online, students entered demographic information into a short form which made them eligible for drawings for prizes.  Although there were some paid television advertisements about the promotion in select markets, the majority of the campaign was held in online communities.

Promotions Can Be Used for Research

A good marketing mix can also provide valuable research that can be used for future campaigns.  By using a mixture of direct mail, product inserts and online sites, advertisers are able to determine how consumers interact with products and can often make decisions on where to place advertisements based on how they react to the integrated marketing campaign.  Purina used this method when it placed music cards in select bags of Purina Dog Chow.  The consumer could use the unique code on the card at a specific website which then allowed them download up to 5 free music selections available on the site.  Before they could download the music, however, Purina asked them a few non-invasive questions regarding ages and number of dogs in the home, as well as breeds of dogs they owned.  The music downloads chosen allowed Purina to use the demographic information they obtained to determine future sponsorships, as well as determine whether advertisements for their product would best work in music related events.


Creating an interactive marketing campaign that allows people to interact with their computers is another way to combine the digital and physical world.  One example of combining direct mail with social media is Lowe’s “Let’s Build Something Together” campaign.  Using a QR code on the mailing piece, recipients could download a video which gave them a shopping list and directions for building the item pictured on the mailer.  Other companies have used such codes to direct consumers to interactive computer games.  This interaction gives a customer an interesting way to interact with the company and could result in additional sales if the target audience is chosen correctly.

Interactive marketing campaigns are a way to develop a good marketing mix so that you can reach more customers than with a single media outlet.  For more information about the marketing mix, visit