Real Estate Agent Marketing IdeasMobile technology has grown rapidly over the past decade as phones provide as many services as big, bulky computers used to provide.  Because of the rapid growth of mobile technology, mobile marketing technology has also grown to meet the demand of “on-the-go” consumers.  Surprisingly, recent studies have shown that despite the increased use of mobile technology, most consumers still prefer to receive special offers and discounts via the postal mail and not through email or text messages.  Therefore, combining print and mobile marketing technology makes perfect sense when developing a marketing campaign.

Mobile Missed in Marketing Strategy

It is estimated that 96% of all American adults have cell phones, yet many companies ignore mobile as a marketing resource, source.  In fact, many companies look at mobile marketing technology as an extension of their online marketing strategy, yet most consumers do not think of their mobile device as an online device.  One key word of caution when developing a mobile marketing strategy is that a consumer must be willing to be included in the advertising, which is why connecting your mobile marketing strategy with print media is the perfect way to allow customers to access the information on their terms.

Print and Mobile Are Excellent Partners

The best thing about print media and mobile marketing technology is how well they go hand-in-hand.  When a consumer gets a postcard out of the mailbox with a special offer, they may not review the information immediately.  It may get tossed in the mail basket until the consumer has a few minutes to look at it.  Including a QR code on the post card may intrigue the consumer to the point they will take a few minutes to check out what the code offers.  By giving good instructions on the mailer, a customer will be more likely to see what the code is offering.  If the offer through the QR code is geared specifically for that customer, such as a coupon for items they have been known to purchase in the past, it very well could lead to increased sales.

Words of Caution

It is important to heed some words of caution however, before using print and mobile marketing technology together.  Keeping the codes simple and linking to a site that is mobile friendly are extremely important to success with the campaign.  If the QR code links to a simple website that the consumer could have linked through the computer anytime, the code will not engage them to the point that they may purchase additional items.

By using some simple tips and ideas, print and mobile marketing technology can work very well together.  Not only are you sending offers to consumers in the manner they prefer to receive them, you are engaging the customer in a unique way and offering them an intriguing way to access discounts and offers.