Real Estate ToolsTraditionally, real estate agents have focused on the Sunday paper for the bulk of their real estate advertising & marketing.  With the advent of instant news sources on the internet, however, newspaper subscriptions and purchases have dropped considerably over the past decade, making many wonder if real estate print advertising is still the best way to promote properties that are available.  Instead of completely eliminating print advertising for real estate, using a combination of print and online sources is the best way to reach a high volume of potential customers.

Print Advertising

Many industry experts are reporting success with print advertising that also uses internet sources to attract customers.  A newspaper advertisement that offers a website address with property listings reaches a much larger audience and allows customers to contact the real estate agent at their leisure, without worrying that the property highlighted in the advertisement is already sold.  Print advertisements do not need to be changed as often, which can reduce costs with the print media and gives potential customers the feeling that the real estate agent keeps up with technology.

Online Advertising

One of the most important things to remember about online advertising is the necessity to keep the information current.  If the real estate agent is linking through a newspaper advertisement, they want to be sure that when the customer visits the website they see properties that are currently available and not those that have already been sold.  If linking to social media sites, the most current information should also be present there as well.

For Sale Signs

Quite often, people find houses that are available when they drive past them on their way to other locations.  QR codes can be used as a way for potential customers to access information specific to that house or to send them to a real estate agent’s website with similar houses for sale.  Customers can use their smartphone camera to link to the information, making it easier on them and easier on the real estate agent.

Although real estate advertising may be changing, it is still possible to use print media along with online sources to reach even more customers by combining traditional methods with modern technology to reach a higher number of potential customers.  Visit our website for more information on real estate advertising.