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December 2011

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools: Integrated Campaign Ideas and Examples

Integrated marketing uses different marketing methods, including direct mail, online profiles and other marketing methods in order to deliver an advertising message to potential consumers.  The goal of integrated marketing is to reach a wider audience since people tend to view advertising in different ways.  Some consumers prefer learning about products through email or social […]

Google Plus for Real Estate Agents Marketing

With the explosion of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and others, Google has responded with its own version of a social media site which can actually benefit real estate agents.  Google Plus allows users to register for the network, connect with friends and colleagues, and then share information they find online with that […]

November 2011

Direct Mail Strategy: Missed Marketing Opportunities

Although direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach customers, both old and new, it is important to avoid the many missed marketing opportunities that sometimes occur.  Because many consumers look at direct mail as junk mail, a good direct mail campaign should contain specific items in order to draw the attention […]

Creating a Direct Mail Strategy

When combining direct mail and list targeting tools from Xpressdocs, you can effectively create a direct mail strategy to reach a qualified audience and get more out of your direct marketing efforts.

Visit our website to learn more about creating a direct mail strategy.

Direct Mail List Management

Direct mail marketing is still an excellent way to promote your business as your company information can be delivered directly to the home or business of your potential customers.  The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently released the 2010 Response Rate Trend Report with interesting facts regarding direct mail which indicated that letter sized envelopes offered […]

Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas: Combining Print and Mobile Marketing Technology

Mobile technology has grown rapidly over the past decade as phones provide as many services as big, bulky computers used to provide.  Because of the rapid growth of mobile technology, mobile marketing technology has also grown to meet the demand of “on-the-go” consumers.  Surprisingly, recent studies have shown that despite the increased use of mobile […]

Advertising Budget Allocation

Everyone knows that marketing is critical to the success of almost every business and company marketing departments are faced with major decisions each year regarding advertising budget allocation to insure it reaches a wide demographic.  With the increase of online advertising methods, the question becomes how to allocate a budget using a marketing mix that […]

Customer Retention Marketing: See the World from Your Customers’ Point of View

Sure, everyone is excited about starting off the new year strong and conquering their market with tons of new customers. However, customer retention marketing experts say cajoling more loyalty from your current customers can actually benefit your business more.

According to loyalty expert Fred Reichheld, even a five percent increase in customer retention rates can double […]

Real Estate Copywriting Beginner Tips for Rack Cards

Rack cards are an excellent and inexpensive way to reach potential customers.  Rack cards are very popular at hotels, restaurants, and travel locations where visitors to a location or those that have just moved into a town frequent.  Because printing rack cards is fairly inexpensive, they are an easy way to promote your business.  However, […]

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools from Xpressdocs

Xpressdocs is an online printing service that provides real estate agent marketing tools with high-quality marketing materials such as Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures, DirectMail & Email Marketing.

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