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March 2012

Real Estate Marketing Tips – Writing that Makes Them Want to Buy

Features and benefits. At first glance, those words may seem basically the same, but when it comes to real estate marketing tips, there’s a big difference:

Features are the tangible attributes used to describe an item (“3,000-square-foot home”), a product (“latex outdoor paint”) or service (“24-hour roadside assistance”). In short, features define the thing.
Benefits take that […]

Get Leads for Real Estate Clients to Reap the Benefits

According to a recent Accenture study, a whopping 60 percent of Americans say leads for real estate referrals from friends and family have the greatest influence on their purchasing decisions. Just what is it about these word-of-mouth recommendations that make them so powerful? Trust. People trust the opinions of others, especially friends and family. It’s […]

2012 Baseball Schedules Available

Order your 2012 Baseball Schedules today! Our schedules this year include new magnet back options.  The 2012 MLB season starts in a few weeks, so time is running out to get these ordered and in the hands of clients and prospects.  Opening Day for most teams is April 5.

Log in to your Xpressdocs account then […]

How to Market Yourself in Real Estate

Buyers and sellers depend on Real Estate agents to achieve their goals. It’s important for you to stand out from your competitors to ensure you win their business. Here are a few tips to catch the eye of your next client.

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Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools: Social Media vs. Direct Mail

Social media is the hottest new trend among advertisers and many have wondered if this “free” advertising is going to replace traditional forms of advertising, such as a direct mail, one of the most common real estate agent marketing tools.  Although it is true that there is no cost associated with setting up a social […]

February 2012

Leap Day Only Coupon – 29% Off!

Happy Leap Day! In celebration we have a one day only social media coupon – 29% savings!!

The promo code is LEAPYEAR29 and is a 29% savings for one day only (2/29), and is valid for one order per customer. This is a social media exclusive offer.

*Offer valid on one order per customer placed on 2/29/12. […]

Spring Forward and Save Money on Reminder Cards from Xpressdocs

March 11th is fast approaching, so it’s time to send out a thoughtful reminder to your current and prospective clients. This timely communication is a great way to touch base, or introduce yourself with a message that is relevant to everyone on your list! Extend the value of your campaign with a seasonal promotion or […]

Direct Mail Strategy: Targeting the Right Audience

One of the most important factors in developing a quality direct mail strategy is targeting the desired audience.  Even a perfectly designed, unique and exciting mailing can be disastrous if sent to the wrong audience, and a poorly designed campaign can actually achieve results if it’s sent to the desired audience.  Here are several tips […]

ROI of Real Estate Postcard Marketing

95% of home buyers who receive periodic contact from their real estate agents use the same agent when it comes time to sell. Postcards are an integral part of you marketing mix. Be sure you utilize them to maximize your profits.

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Using QR Codes in Real Estate to Generate Interaction

QR codes, if they are handled properly, can turn direct mail campaigns into interactive events.  QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that allow consumers to scan information directly into their smartphone in order to access online information.  This information can lead the customer to a company website, allow them to access a special offer, coupon or […]

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