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August 2012

10 Ways to Increase Response to Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

There’s no doubt that real estate direct mail marketing works (in fact, according to the latest USPS figures, a whopping 76% of consumers have been “directly influenced to purchase through direct mail”).

Even still, every marketer wants to know how to improve their results – how to get even just a few more of the people […]

Real Estate Referral: Getting Others to Spread the Word about Your Business

Getting satisfied customers to spread the good word about your business is one of the most powerful marketing strategies imaginable. Here’s how you can encourage more of this real estate referral, “viral” type of marketing:

Create a Memorable Brand
People don’t recommend run-of-the-mill companies to their family and friends; they pass along the names of companies that […]

July 2012

‘Excuse Me, Can I Market to You?’ | Real Estate Email Marketing

Getting someone’s permission before sending them a real estate marketing email can be a bit of a hassle. Do you really need to do it? Absolutely. And here are the top five reasons why:

They’ll love you for it – Your customers, past customers and referral resources all hate the spam that fills their email inboxes […]

The Secret to Successful Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Business blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and other social media are turning into some of the cheapest and most effective mediums for small- and mid-sized businesses to encourage referrals, cross-sell, introduce new products/services, and keep long-time customers loyal.

The marketers finding the most success with social-media marketing, however, are those who flesh out a winning strategy […]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Dig into the Details of Your Off-line Marketing

Marketing studies and reports are helpful, but what you really want is the ability to dig into the details of your own real estate marketing efforts – especially your off-line marketing (direct mail, print ads, promotional products, networking, etc.). Right?

As difficult as that sounds, it’s actually really simple. The key: be diligent about tracking “response” […]

When Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Fails: Avoiding Pitfalls

Over the years we’ve passed along hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques you would be wise to make part of your real estate direct mail marketing. Today, we share the first of 10 common mistakes, blunders and oversights (in other words, things you’ll want to avoid):

Not managing your mailing list. The most important aspect of […]

10 Ways to Grow Your Direct Marketing Mailing Lists

There’s one thing every direct mail or email marketing program needs to be successful: A good mailing list. No matter how good your marketing piece, if it’s not paired with an equally effective mailing list, it’s like Romeo with no Juliet, or peanut butter without jelly.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can use […]

June 2012

10 Social Media for Real Estate Tricks the Pros Use

If you’ve tried using social media for real estate like Facebook, Twitter and/or blogs to build your business, but the results have been more frustrating than financially rewarding, try using some of the pro’s tricks. Included below are ten of the best.
Set a limit of 110 characters – Twitter limits messages to 140 characters, but if […]

Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Email Marketing Opt-In List

With direct mail, you can add names and addresses to your marketing list at will. So long as the contact information is legitimate and accurate, you’re good to go. But with real estate email marketing, there are checks and balances.

When gathering email addresses, you have to get permission from each person before adding them to your […]

The Surprising Facts About Social Media for Real Estate

Two of the most famous social media web sites — MySpace and Facebook — came to fruition about five years ago as places where people could socialize in their off-hours. Then came sites like YouTube, Blogger, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp and Twitter, together with a whole host of copycats — all of which created new ways […]

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