When developing a direct mail campaign, one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message to current and potential customers is to use postcards, which are much cheaper to send than regular letters and offer instant visibility when customers receive them in the mailbox.  In fact, sending postcards is 38 percent cheaper than mailing a regular letter in an envelope.  In addition to the low cost, postcards offer other benefits over letters as well.

Direct Mail Strategy

Message Seen Immediately

Unlike a letter that is sealed in an envelope, postcard messages are seen as soon as the recipient takes them out of the mailbox.  Statistics show that most direct mail envelopes are discarded without even being opened.  Therefore, using a postcard allows your message to be seen more quickly, and there is less risk of the customer ignoring the message.

Simple to Mail

Another benefit to direct mail campaigns that use postcard mailings is that there is no assembly, collating or stuffing of material.  The hardest part of postcard mailings is affixing the stamps or labels, and there are many companies who will  do this for you when the postcards are created.  In addition, simple postcards can actually be printed at relatively low costs and the postage fees for sending postcards are much lower than of the fees for sending regular letters.

Keeps Message Brief

Advertising experts say that the best direct mail message is one that is brief, and the use of postcards in direct mail basically forces you to keep the message brief.  The limited size of a postcard requires that you include only the information that pertains directly to the message you are trying to send, such as a special sale for returning customers, or a special event hosted by the company.  Because the message is brief, the customer sees immediately what the purpose of the postcard is, and can make a decision quickly regarding a plan of action.

Postcard marketing is becoming increasingly popular in direct mail campaigns due to its cost-effectiveness and the ease in getting a message to the customer.  For more information on using postcards for direct mail, visit www.xpressdocs.com.