Direct Mail StrategyAlthough direct mail is still one of the best ways to reach customers, both old and new, it is important to avoid the many missed marketing opportunities that sometimes occur.  Because many consumers look at direct mail as junk mail, a good direct mail campaign should contain specific items in order to draw the attention of the customer.  Therefore, it is important to know how to build a direct mail campaign and avoid common missed marketing opportunities.

Know Your Customer

One of the biggest mistakes many companies make when starting a direct mail campaign is sending a generic flyer or post card to all customers without gearing the advertisement specifically toward each customer.  Knowing when each customer last purchased from you, what types of items they purchased and how often they shop at your location is imperative to developing a good direct mail campaign.  Designing the advertising specifically for the customer makes the customer feel as if they are truly important to the business and makes them more likely to pay attention to the advertisement.

Make an Offer

Another missed marketing opportunity that many companies fall under is not offering a benefit of some sort to the customer.  A free sample, a coupon, special deals for certain periods of time or any other type of reward to benefit the consumer will make them more likely to notice your direct mail piece.  The offer does not have to be a monetary offer, but could be express checkout with the presentation of the flyer or personalized service if the advertisement is mentioned.

Track Results

One of the biggest missed marketing opportunities is failing to track results of the direct mail campaign.  It is imperative to develop a system for tracking what customers respond to the direct mailing, how they responded and determine what needs to be adjusted for the next campaign.  In addition, tracking results will allow you to further customize offers for consumers who respond to the advertisement.  Tracking will also allow you to learn if consumers are spreading the word about the offers you send as many times word-of-mouth can generate as much business as other forms of advertising.

Before embarking on a direct mail campaign, be sure to avoid the common missed marketing opportunities that can occur.