Direct Mail StrategyOne of the most important factors in developing a quality direct mail strategy is targeting the desired audience.  Even a perfectly designed, unique and exciting mailing can be disastrous if sent to the wrong audience, and a poorly designed campaign can actually achieve results if it’s sent to the desired audience.  Here are several tips help you make sure you are targeting the desired audience with your next direct mail campaign.

Personalized is Always Preferred

Rather than sending a mass mailing to thousands of people, some of whom may never have even frequented your business, experts suggest sending a personalized mailing to a handpicked list of current and prospective customers.  If the direct mail is targeting current customers, be sure to personalize the mailing. Doing so will make the customers feel as though they are valued part of your company’s family  and not just another customer.

Know Your Customers

When developing a mailing list, do not just compile names and addresses for mailings.  Instead, incorporate buying habits, preferences and other unique customer factors.  For example, if you are trying to get customers who have not visited the company recently to return, mention what they have purchased in the past and how long it has been since they visited.  This gives the customer a feeling that you truly did miss their business and would like to see them return.  By including past customer actions in the direct mail campaign, you should experience a better response to the mailing.

Follow Up

A crucial part of knowing whether you have targeted the correct audience is tracking the results of the mailing.  By tracking those who responded to a direct mail campaign, you can use that information to develop future marketing campaigns.  Knowing what worked and what did not in a direct mail campaign will reduce costs in the future and will allow you to adjust as necessary.  In addition, follow-up will allow you to remove invalid information from your mailing list, such as bad addresses or other information, making your mailing list more accurate and more likely to target your intended audience.

A direct mail campaign is most effective only if it reaches the desired target audience.  Sending huge volumes of mail to many people is far less effective than sending personalized mailings to a select group.  For more information about how to target the right audience with direct mail, visit

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