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The Power of Personal Marketing

75% of buying decisions are based on emotion, so it’s important to build lasting connections with potential customers through personal marketing.

Five Best Real Estate Apps to Help Your Real Estate Business

With smartphones growing in popularity, the process of buying or selling a home has gotten easier with some of the best real estate apps that help buyers find a new home, offer tools to sellers, or even let consumers know what the rent is on an available property.  Whether your agency’s market is residential or commercial property, these five best real estate apps can help.

Xpressdocs offers these suggestions for the five best real estate apps for your agency.


The Secret to Successful Real Estate Social Media Marketing

Business blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and other social media are turning into some of the cheapest and most effective mediums for small- and mid-sized businesses to encourage referrals, cross-sell, introduce new products/services, and keep long-time customers loyal.

The marketers finding the most success with social-media marketing, however, are those who flesh out a winning strategy […]

10 Social Media for Real Estate Tricks the Pros Use

If you’ve tried using social media for real estate like Facebook, Twitter and/or blogs to build your business, but the results have been more frustrating than financially rewarding, try using some of the pro’s tricks. Included below are ten of the best.
Set a limit of 110 characters – Twitter limits messages to 140 characters, but if […]

The Surprising Facts About Social Media for Real Estate

Two of the most famous social media web sites — MySpace and Facebook — came to fruition about five years ago as places where people could socialize in their off-hours. Then came sites like YouTube, Blogger, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yelp and Twitter, together with a whole host of copycats — all of which created new ways […]

What is Interactive Marketing? 10 More Steps To Get You There

Last month, we introduced 10 great ways small- and mid-sized businesses could use “online interaction” to generate referrals, boost sales and build their marketing lists. As if that weren’t enough, we’re back with 10 more crackerjack ideas – any of which can be implemented right away, for little to no money.

1. Add video

One way to […]

How to Create Killer Landing Pages

Anytime you direct prospective customers to your website for more information (with statements in your marketing materials like “learn more” or “get all the details”), you should be sending them to a special landing page, not your home page.

Your home page is cluttered with all kinds of extraneous information. A landing page, on the other […]

What is Interactive Marketing and 10 Steps To Get There

Everyone is gaga for online interaction today – which is why Facebook, Yelp, Blogger, Twitter, Flickr and all the other social-media tools have turned group communication into a full-blown Internet revolution. In the beginning, it was just person-to-person, but now people want to interact with the companies they do business with, as well.

The big surprise: […]

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools: Social Media vs. Direct Mail

Social media is the hottest new trend among advertisers and many have wondered if this “free” advertising is going to replace traditional forms of advertising, such as a direct mail, one of the most common real estate agent marketing tools.  Although it is true that there is no cost associated with setting up a social […]

Social Media for Real Estate Agents Video

Combine your current offline direct mail strategy with your online social media strategy to guide your audience right where you need them.

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