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63% of sellers choose the first agent they contact so it’s important to get you name in front of your network. Whether using traditional media or venturing online you need a solid communication plan. Xpressdocs’ real estate agent marketing tools can help.

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Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas: Cut Through the Holiday Clutter

If you want your real estate marketing ideas to stand out at the holidays, you’ve got to do something out of the ordinary. Your target audience is too over-burdened and overwhelmed to notice humdrum “call me if I can help” or “stop by today” mailers.

Here are five ideas sure to ring up some sales – […]

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools: Integrated Campaign Ideas and Examples

Integrated marketing uses different marketing methods, including direct mail, online profiles and other marketing methods in order to deliver an advertising message to potential consumers.  The goal of integrated marketing is to reach a wider audience since people tend to view advertising in different ways.  Some consumers prefer learning about products through email or social […]

Real Estate Agent Marketing Ideas: Combining Print and Mobile Marketing Technology

Mobile technology has grown rapidly over the past decade as phones provide as many services as big, bulky computers used to provide.  Because of the rapid growth of mobile technology, mobile marketing technology has also grown to meet the demand of “on-the-go” consumers.  Surprisingly, recent studies have shown that despite the increased use of mobile […]

Advertising Budget Allocation

Everyone knows that marketing is critical to the success of almost every business and company marketing departments are faced with major decisions each year regarding advertising budget allocation to insure it reaches a wide demographic.  With the increase of online advertising methods, the question becomes how to allocate a budget using a marketing mix that […]

Customer Retention Marketing: See the World from Your Customers’ Point of View

Sure, everyone is excited about starting off the new year strong and conquering their market with tons of new customers. However, customer retention marketing experts say cajoling more loyalty from your current customers can actually benefit your business more.

According to loyalty expert Fred Reichheld, even a five percent increase in customer retention rates can double […]

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools from Xpressdocs

Xpressdocs is an online printing service that provides real estate agent marketing tools with high-quality marketing materials such as Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures, DirectMail & Email Marketing.

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Real Estate Photography – Want to Take Better Photos? Free Resources for the Digitally Challenged

We can’t teach you to become a great photographer in a 400-word article. But we can point you towards the best free resources for learning the tricks of the trade.

The Realtor’s Guide to Using Photos in Real-estate Marketing – Larry Lohrman is an expert on real-estate photography, and his realtor’s guide is the […]

5 Ways for Beginners to Improve Brochures

Creating brochures for advertising has become much easier with the advent of desktop publishing and word processing programs that are available for home and office computers.  These programs make it easy for a small business owner to develop, print and distribute flyers for special events, sales or to get information out about the business.  However, […]

Give the People What Your Competitors Can’t

Let’s be honest. You and most of your competitors are all pushing essentially the same products or services – which means, if you want to distinguish your business in the marketplace, you need to focus on the little things that make it unique (or at least seem unique).

For example, consider residential real estate agent Rhonda […]

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