Creative Business Cards for Real Estate Agents

Business cards for real estate agents leave a lasting impression and will influence how the recipient perceives you. It’s important design your business card as effectively as possible. We offer a few tips get ensure your card works for you.

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Traditional Direct Mail vs. Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Postcards

With the advent of the internet, many real estate agents have turned to electronic methods for advertising their properties.  However, a study by the research firm Infotrends shows that 61% of consumers prefer to receive offers and information via postal mail than any other type of advertising.  Since part of marketing is to get information to […]

Integrated Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

Quick Response codes, better known as QR Codes, enable smartphone users to scan the code directly to their phone and obtain additional information, offers or register for giveaways.  QR codes work very well with printed material, allowing companies to use direct mail or other printed sources to connect to their online content.  However, it is […]

Rewards of Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

According to the United States Post Office, 98% of Americans bring in their mail on a daily basis and 77% of them immediately sort through it.  A real estate direct mail marketing campaign, therefore, has the potential to reach a very large number of potential clients for a number of reasons.

Target a Specific Group

One of […]

Real Estate Agents Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

One of the latest technologies being used by real estate agents is mobile marketing with QR codes. QR codes, which are actually known as “Quick Response” codes are similar to barcodes that can be scanned using the camera of a smartphone.  When the customer scans the code, they are taken to an online location such […]

Marketing Mix Examples: Reaching Your Target Market Through Broad Mix and Repetition

Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertising messages each day, requiring marketing departments to look closely at who their target market is and how to get their product to stand out among those who will use their product the most.  For this reason, choosing a strategy from these marketing mix examples can ensure successes. Be […]

Mobile Marketing with QR Codes: Link to Mobile Site

Although QR codes have been popular in Japan since the mid-1990’s, they are just now getting attention here in the United States.  QR, or quick response, codes are similar to barcodes only they are read using a smartphone camera with a special QR code reader installed.  Many merchants have begun displaying them in store windows […]

How to Create a Slogan that Sells

For many companies, a corporate slogan is little more than an afterthought. But a good slogan can play a critical role in your overall brand strategy – and provide a rare opportunity to show people how you’re different from competitors.

So how do you create a slogan people will remember and respond to? Follow these six […]

Keys to Real Estate Advertising & Marketing

Traditionally, real estate agents have focused on the Sunday paper for the bulk of their real estate advertising & marketing.  With the advent of instant news sources on the internet, however, newspaper subscriptions and purchases have dropped considerably over the past decade, making many wonder if real estate print advertising is still the best way […]

Is Real Estate Print Advertising Dead?

Many real estate agents have begun to question whether real estate print advertising is dead as newspaper subscriptions continue to drop and more people use the internet to get information on just about everything.  Although more people are finding information on homes for sale or rent, many housing markets still report that the majority of […]

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