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When Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Fails: Avoiding Pitfalls

Over the years we’ve passed along hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques you would be wise to make part of your real estate direct mail marketing. Today, we share the first of 10 common mistakes, blunders and oversights (in other words, things you’ll want to avoid):

Not managing your mailing list. The most important aspect of […]

10 Ways to Grow Your Direct Marketing Mailing Lists

There’s one thing every direct mail or email marketing program needs to be successful: A good mailing list. No matter how good your marketing piece, if it’s not paired with an equally effective mailing list, it’s like Romeo with no Juliet, or peanut butter without jelly.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies you can use […]

How to Market Yourself in Real Estate

Buyers and sellers depend on Real Estate agents to achieve their goals. It’s important for you to stand out from your competitors to ensure you win their business. Here are a few tips to catch the eye of your next client.

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Real Estate Agent Marketing Tools: Social Media vs. Direct Mail

Social media is the hottest new trend among advertisers and many have wondered if this “free” advertising is going to replace traditional forms of advertising, such as a direct mail, one of the most common real estate agent marketing tools.  Although it is true that there is no cost associated with setting up a social […]

Direct Mail Strategy: Targeting the Right Audience

One of the most important factors in developing a quality direct mail strategy is targeting the desired audience.  Even a perfectly designed, unique and exciting mailing can be disastrous if sent to the wrong audience, and a poorly designed campaign can actually achieve results if it’s sent to the desired audience.  Here are several tips […]

Traditional Direct Mail vs. Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Postcards

With the advent of the internet, many real estate agents have turned to electronic methods for advertising their properties.  However, a study by the research firm Infotrends shows that 61% of consumers prefer to receive offers and information via postal mail than any other type of advertising.  Since part of marketing is to get information to […]

Rewards of Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

According to the United States Post Office, 98% of Americans bring in their mail on a daily basis and 77% of them immediately sort through it.  A real estate direct mail marketing campaign, therefore, has the potential to reach a very large number of potential clients for a number of reasons.

Target a Specific Group

One of […]

Real Estate Agents Mobile Marketing with QR Codes

One of the latest technologies being used by real estate agents is mobile marketing with QR codes. QR codes, which are actually known as “Quick Response” codes are similar to barcodes that can be scanned using the camera of a smartphone.  When the customer scans the code, they are taken to an online location such […]

Direct Mail Strategy For Postcards

When developing a direct mail campaign, one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message to current and potential customers is to use postcards, which are much cheaper to send than regular letters and offer instant visibility when customers receive them in the mailbox.  In fact, sending postcards is 38 percent cheaper than mailing a […]

Monetizing Social Media for Real Estate Agents and Realtors with Direct Marketing

Many companies are turning to social media as a way to market their products and services.  However, some CEOs still question how money can be made through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  It is important to think of social media as a tool and not a standalone solution to advertising, and one way […]

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