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Real Estate Messaging: Tackle Tough Questions Before They’re Even Asked

So often you hear direct-marketing experts talk about the need to “break through the clutter” and grab your target audience’s attention. Makes sense. Heck, it even sounds fun. But just how do you go about doing it?

If you really want to make an impact (especially with a marketing postcard, where space is limited), try the question-and-answer format. Instead of the usual canned messages and marketing doublespeak, you address your target audience’s biggest concerns head-on in a simple Q&A format:

Real Estate Marketing Plan Part 4: Selecting Your Communication Channels

Once you have determined the budget, set goals, identified the target audience and defined the message for your real estate marketing plan, it is critical to choose the right advertising channels for your campaigns.  The message may be perfectly crafted, but unless the correct distribution channels are used, the message runs the risk of not reaching the intended audience.

Choosing the Right Channels

There are many real estate marketing channels, including social media, direct mail and email, and it may be difficult to decide which channel best fits your real estate marketing plan.  In reality, the budget and your target market should determine the channels that will give your agency the best return on investment.  Although many agencies consider social media as “free” marketing, this channel is one that must be handled properly in order to generate the desired results (leads and sales).  Review all options for real estate marketing and build a plan of action that works based on your budget and how your target market shops.

How Color Can Improve Your Marketing

For many small-to-mid-sized businesses, the colors used in their direct marketing materials are an afterthought; a bit of whimsy to liven up an otherwise drab promotional effort.

Dynamic Color Wheel

But for those in the know, color is the silent salesperson; a marketing weapon that can be used to attract the consumer’s eye, help convey direct marketing messages, establish a strong brand identity, and differentiate your offerings from those of direct competitors.

Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing is Alive and Well

Xpressdocs explains why real estate direct mail marketing is still alive and well.

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet, along with the proliferation of social media and email marketing strategies, many wonder if real estate direct mail marketing is still valid.  According to Exact Target’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey, 65 percent of Americans have made a purchase as a result of direct mail they received.  Not only has more than half of U.S. population purchased items based on a direct mail solicitation, but direct mail is the only advertising channel that is not viewed as inappropriate by consumers. This is in stark contrast to advertisements on social media or in email, which are often considered intrusive and unsolicited.

The Power of Personal Marketing

75% of buying decisions are based on emotion, so it’s important to build lasting connections with potential customers through personal marketing.

How Often Should You Be Sending Real Estate Direct Mail?

In the direct-mail world, it’s well known that you need to get your name and marketing message in front of someone at least nine times before they’ll even consider making a purchase. But why? What is it about multiple mailings that make them so effective?

The Trust Factor
Let’s be honest: The chances are slim that someone […]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Cut Through the Holiday Clutter

If you want your real estate marketing ideas to stand out during the holidays, you’ve got to do something out of the ordinary. Your target audience is over-burdened and overwhelmed to notice humdrum “call me if I can help” or “stop by today” mailers.

Here are five ideas sure to ring up some sales – or […]

What is UV Coating?

What is UV coating? When ordering print and direct mail, you might come across this term, as something that adds value to your items. But really, what does a postcard, business card, or other marketing document have to do with ultraviolet rays?

First let’s answer the question, “What is UV coating?” Ultraviolet coating is a coating […]

10 Ways to Increase Response to Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

There’s no doubt that real estate direct mail marketing works (in fact, according to the latest USPS figures, a whopping 76% of consumers have been “directly influenced to purchase through direct mail”).

Even still, every marketer wants to know how to improve their results – how to get even just a few more of the people […]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Dig into the Details of Your Off-line Marketing

Marketing studies and reports are helpful, but what you really want is the ability to dig into the details of your own real estate marketing efforts – especially your off-line marketing (direct mail, print ads, promotional products, networking, etc.). Right?

As difficult as that sounds, it’s actually really simple. The key: be diligent about tracking “response” […]

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