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Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing is Alive and Well

Xpressdocs explains why real estate direct mail marketing is still alive and well.

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Internet, along with the proliferation of social media and email marketing strategies, many wonder if real estate direct mail marketing is still valid.  According to Exact Target’s 2012 Channel Preference Survey, 65 percent of Americans have made a purchase as a result of direct mail they received.  Not only has more than half of U.S. population purchased items based on a direct mail solicitation, but direct mail is the only advertising channel that is not viewed as inappropriate by consumers. This is in stark contrast to advertisements on social media or in email, which are often considered intrusive and unsolicited.

The Power of Personal Marketing

75% of buying decisions are based on emotion, so it’s important to build lasting connections with potential customers through personal marketing.

Five Best Real Estate Apps to Help Your Real Estate Business

With smartphones growing in popularity, the process of buying or selling a home has gotten easier with some of the best real estate apps that help buyers find a new home, offer tools to sellers, or even let consumers know what the rent is on an available property.  Whether your agency’s market is residential or commercial property, these five best real estate apps can help.

Xpressdocs offers these suggestions for the five best real estate apps for your agency.


Our Picks for Best Gadgets in 2012

Everyone loves new toys and fun things to play with, which is why Xpressdocs has created this list of the best gadgets 2012 has to offer.  For those who have purchased the new iPhone 5 (soon will), here are some of the best gadgets designed to keep you technologically on top of your game.

Apple iPad

The […]

How Often Should You Be Sending Real Estate Direct Mail?

In the direct-mail world, it’s well known that you need to get your name and marketing message in front of someone at least nine times before they’ll even consider making a purchase. But why? What is it about multiple mailings that make them so effective?

The Trust Factor
Let’s be honest: The chances are slim that someone […]

Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Cut Through the Holiday Clutter

If you want your real estate marketing ideas to stand out during the holidays, you’ve got to do something out of the ordinary. Your target audience is over-burdened and overwhelmed to notice humdrum “call me if I can help” or “stop by today” mailers.

Here are five ideas sure to ring up some sales – or […]

Real Estate Marketing Plan – Building a Campaign Part 1

In order to take your business to the highest level possible, it is important to have a real estate marketing plan that includes a variety of marketing campaigns and strategies to reach your target audience throughout the year.  A marketing campaign can include anything from a direct mail postcard, newspaper advertising, website ads, press releases, […]

What is SEO for Real Estate and Why Should You Care?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for real estate, is one of the most important tools you can use as one of your real estate marketing strategies.  SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website and driving traffic to it using unpaid search results.

What is SEO?
With more people using the Internet to find […]

How to Market Yourself in Real Estate with a Company Blog

Getting people to engage and interact with your brand is one of the best ways to build deeper customer connections. And deeper connections almost always lead to more referrals, longer customer relationships, additional selling opportunities, plus much more.

No, we’re not suggesting dinner parties at the office or customer date nights. We’re encouraging you to start […]

Real Estate Marketing Strategies | The Holidays are No Time to Take a Vacation from Marketing

The holidays are no time to take a vacation from real estate marketing strategies. Continuing to promote your business between November and February is the secret to strengthening relationships, improving customer loyalty, building your brand and, eventually, racking up hoards of new sales.

What makes this time of year so much better than any other? The […]

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